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Help save a diabetic dog: ShinBi the dancing dog from Korea

Help save ShinBi the dancing collie
Help save ShinBi the dancing collie
Sue Baldwin/Southland Collie Rescue

In February of this year, Southland Collie Rescue was asked to help save a dog originally put on the meat market in South Korea. That dog, Kobe, found a home, but as Southland Collie Rescue was wondering what to do with the money raised in a GoFundMe campaign, another dog was found, ShinBi.

ShinBi was half-starved and dehydrated. He had ticks and was shaved down, revealing a skeletal dog with a happy bouncing attitude that has won over every one who sees him. Yet it wasn't food that starved his body. It was an array of health problems that kept him from putting on weight. ShinBi is a dog that the average South Korean or American would be unable to treat and adopt, but his name means miraculous and Southland Collie Rescue is looking for a miracle.

First, ShinBi only made it to the U.S. and passed through customs because he was heartworm negative. If he had been tested a few weeks later, he would have tested positive. Heartworm tests are based on the presence of baby heartworms in the bloodstream. If the infection is early or if there are only female heartworms present, the test will come back a false negative.

The second miracle is that ShinBi became the first ever foreign dog adopted by Southland Collie Rescue and found a foster mom in Sue Baldwin, a retired teacher. ShinBi needed round-the-clock care because he can't be outdoors because of his shaved coat and because he needs to urinate almost hourly as a result of his diabetes. Baldwin dealt with a flood of urine with surprising patience, but after the first month, ShinBi had lost weight. That was in March. Yet four months later, with the right balance of medication, ShinBi has gained 10 lbs.

That's the good news. The bad news is that the original projected cost for six months was $3000, about the same amount that Southland Collie Rescue raised in less than 48 hours on their GoFundMe campaign to bring him over. ShinBi's bills have come to over $3000 in about four months and in the next six months estimated to reach $6000.

So far Southland Collie Rescue has raised $950 in two weeks on its GoFundMe campaign with an additional $600 promised by direct payment. That's about 20 percent of their goal.

The vet isn't sure if ShinBi is diabetic because of starvation or if starvation led to his diabetes. The full treatment for his heartworm has been delayed as the vet finds the right balance for ShinBi's insulin. ShinBi also has hepatitis, but his liver function has improved in the last four months. Yet ShinBi surprised the vet with his attitude. She exclaimed: "He doesn't walk, he dances!"

You can be part of ShinBi's miracle by donating to ShinBi's fund. Help save

Donate directly by mailing a donation for ShinBi to:

Donate through Just Give and write in ShinBi

Donate via GoFundMe for ShinBi

You can also visit ShinBi's blog.

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