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Help provide a visually-impaired U.S. Veteran with an assistance dog

Disabled U.S. veteran with his assistance dog. Photo provided by Vision to Share
Disabled U.S. veteran with his assistance dog. Photo provided by Vision to Share
VSP Vision Care

“VSP has a deep commitment to supporting U.S. military members and veterans through our ongoing hiring efforts, employee-led veterans resource group and dedication to ensuring all have access to quality eye care and eyewear,” VSP Vision Care President Jim McGrann explained.

VSP Vision Care is the leading non-profit eyecare insurance company that serves over 66 million patients throughout the U.S.

Currently, 1.5 million U.S. Veteran's lives are affected by vision impairments and the majority of these are a result of active duty in the military and VSP actively works to help these veterans by giving back through several nationwide programs.

“The Vision to Share campaign is a natural extension of our efforts and provides an easy way for everyone to join our commitment to improve the life of a visually impaired veteran,” McGrann added.

People nationwide are encouraged to participate by visiting Once there, all they have to do is watch the Vision to Share video then share it with your family and friends and on your facebook, twitter and other social media sites you may be a part of.

Then, every time a person shares the video VSP will make a donation toward the care and training of a guide dog through the America's VetDogs program.

“America’s VetDogs has placed more than 300 assistance dogs with veterans with disabilities at no cost to the veterans,” Wells Jones, CEO of America’s VetDogs. said “Campaigns such as Vision to Share are critical to our mission, and VSP has been a wonderful partner. Not only are we raising awareness about the struggles faced by veterans with low vision, but we’re also inspiring the greater community to band together to improve the lives of these American heroes.”

“The Vision to Share campaign is a great initiative by VSP Vision Care to shed light on the importance of eye health for veterans and civilians alike. Eye health is closely tied to a person’s overall health, so after you share the video on – which will prompt VSP to make a donation to America’s VetDogs – pick up the phone and schedule your annual eye exam!” VSP Vision Care Optometrist, Dr. Alice Sterling said. "VSP's decision to have an active charity program has been one of the big reasons for my decision to be a provider with them over the past 25 years."

With your help, VSP will donate $50,000 to America’s VetDogs, a charity that provides guide dogs to veterans in need—at no cost to them.

Please help change the life of one visually impaired veteran.

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