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Help Portugal. The Man save the Sumatran Tiger with #EndangeredSong

Portugal. The Man recorded an "endangered song" to celebrate this year's earth day and to raise awareness of endangered species, specifically the Sumatran Tiger.

Listen and share "The Endangered Song"
Photo by Kevin Winter

The song was recorded and pressed on a degradable vinyl record that wears away as it is played. 400 vinyl were sent to celebrities, members of the press, and notable figures along with the message that, as the song will wither and fade over time, the only way to preserve the music is to rip the song and share it across the web. Essentially, the song will go extinct unless it's reproduced and spread around.

The fade-away vinyl presents an obvious metaphor for the seemingly inevitable extinction of the Sumatran Tiger (of which only 400 are known to exist) and other endangered animals. The records aren't being sold; they only exist to spread the word about animals' vulnerability, raise awareness, and increase social conversation.

There are less than 400 Sumatran Tigers in existence. Unfortunately most of the world is unaware of this frightening fact. Without action, the species will completely disappear. To spread the message of the Tiger’s vulnerability, we’ve created a song that will also go extinct unless it’s reproduced. These custom lathe-cut records are made from polycarbonate plastic, which means it will degrade after a certain amount of plays, causing the song to eventually disappear and go extinct. The Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, in collaboration with us, have made only 400 records of this unreleased song. There are no other copies in existence. Tigers are dwindling every year. Social influence and conservation action could actually help save a species.

Join the movement by sharing the track on Facebook, Twitter, Tubmlr, or wherever you are social and tag it with #EndangeredSong, #SumatranTiger, or #EarthDay to spread the world and help save a dying species.

Visit for more information.

Head here to listen to #Endangered Song.

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