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Help Ozzie Smith and Budweiser make Opening Day a national holiday

Opening Day for baseball in Cincinnati is less than ten days away, and in our city baseball fans take the day off, remove their kids from school for the day even though it is not an official holiday. Enter Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith who is partnering with Budwesier to do just that - make Opening Day a national holiday.

Petition to make Opening Day a national holiday

Budwesier has launched a petition make Opening Day an official national holiday, and with a March 26 deadline the petition is about 3,600 votes away from the 100,000 vote threshold warranting an administration response.

Fans who are over the age of 21 can visit to sign the petition and honor MLB Opening Day, which this year falls on March 31, as a day of national observance via presidential proclamation.

Ozzie Smith launched the campaign last month with a video trumpeting the merits of Opening Day. The online series, which includes testimonials from a host of, retired MLB players and coaches can be seen at

Opening Day is all about the return of spring, which means cold weather being left behind, and a return to the ballpark to see the greatest game ever played. There is no greater sound than the crack of a bat, no greater smell than fresh cut grass and absolutely no better taste than a hot dog at the ballpark. I would rather work on Christmas than Opening Day.

For more information on joining Budweiser's movement to make Opening Day a holiday, visit

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