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Help needed to find special needs cat stolen from his own home

Help needed to find special needs cat stolen from own home
Help needed to find special needs cat stolen from own home
Maria Angelia / Facebook

Jasper the cat was stolen from his own driveway in Aberdeen, Washington on the morning of Aug. 22, 2014. His guardian needs your help to ensure that her special needs cat returns home safely.

On the morning of Aug. 22, a witness saw a green van pull into Jasper’s neighborhood and park up the road from Jasper’s home. Jasper was laying in his own driveway. The witness saw an older man with blond hair and a goatee exit the vehicle, walk down the road, and walk down Jasper’s long driveway. The man leaned down and picked up Jasper, stealing the cat from his own home. The man then walked back down the road and returned to the green van.

It is unclear if the man believed that Jasper was injured or if he took Jasper for other reasons – but this loving cat is very much missed. Jasper is a brown and black tabby with a white stomach, a white stripe on his face, and four white legs. He is a special needs kitty who has a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Cats and kittens with “wobbly cat syndrome” or Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), have a disorder where the cerebellum of the brain has not fully formed.

Some common symptoms of CH are jerky movement, wobbly or uncoordinated walking, and head bobbing. While there is no cure for CH, it neither gets better nor worse. A kitten will learn to compensate for his or her condition and will have a normal lifespan.

According to Jasper’s guardian, Maria Angelina, Jasper is a very friendly cat who is very vocal. “He loves to lay in the driveway in the sun,” she stated. “He walks with a wobble that causes him to fall down at times.”

Jasper’s guardian is desperate for her special needs cat to be returned safely. Do you have any information on this cat’s disappearance? If so, please call Lisa Beers Kirry at 360 570 8555.

Please SHARE Jasper’s story to help him return home. As a special needs cat, he is vulnerable and needs to be in his own home where his condition is appreciated and understood.

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