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Help! My Parents Are Aging!

I vividly remember my big sister’s 10th birthday. I walked around all day thinking “Wow! That’s two numbers!” When you’re a child, you can't imagine life being any different than it is at that very moment. But youthful innocence vanishes, life unfolds, and two little numbers take on a whole new meaning.

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Kathryn Watson, Author
Elder Care Advisor
Kathryn Watson

Two numbers that are significant to Kathryn Watson are 23. That’s how old she was when her father suffered a stroke…and when she began a journey that would determine her life course. Without him even being aware of it, stress had taken its toll on her dad’s health. Kathryn felt compelled to study the connection between stress and health and methods to control it, which served her well when her mother and mother-in-law also needed care. Kathryn became an expert on every aspect of eldercare, understanding that each situation and set of circumstances is unique. She was driven to share her knowledge with families searching for eldercare because she knew the answer to the question, ”Where do we begin?

Relax for Success is Kathryn Watson’s vehicle for serving as your Eldercare Advisor to help you find the best fit for your parent or spouse. There are many options…Assisted Living Home or Community, Independent Living Apartment, Adult Dare Care, In-home Health Care, Alzheimer’s Memory Care and Personal Care Homes. A private consultation with Kathryn will help you determine the best choice based on health issues, financial concerns and emotional needs, as well as providing resources such as Eldercare Attorneys, Geriatric Care Managers and Senior Move Managers.

Of course, finding suitable accommodations doesn’t end the stress or anxiety associated with taking care of an aging parent or spouse. In addition, Kathryn offers help through Support Groups, Stress Management, Lunch and Learn Workshops, Workplace Stress, Time Management, Books and more.

Many caregivers are juggling a career and caregiver duties simultaneously - or trying their best to do so - creating a different set of issues for the caregiver as well as their employer. Kathryn understands that dilemma and has programs in place to ease the burden for both. Kathryn calls it becoming Stress Hardy.

You don't have to do this alone! In Kathryn’s own words, “Families don't know what they don't know until they don't know it! Unfortunately it is usually in the middle of a crisis.” Allow Kathryn to help you through a crises, or avoid one. Call her now!

Kathryn Watson
Eldercare Advisor/Life Coach/Motivational Speaker/Author
Relax For Success
Help! My Parents Are Aging!
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