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Help, my computer has popups...

Are you tired of sitting down at your computer and it takes 10 minutes to get past the popup ads before you can do anything productive? Well there is something you can do about it. There are several ad blocking programs out there, which will stop that from happening and help to clean your computer up so that when you log into it, you can get to work or play on whatever it is you intended to do when you started it up.
Let’s take this alphabetically.

Adblock Plus – this one is free, no cost and is open source, meaning that if you know how, you can add to the program and alter it. It blocks ads, that pop up on your screen, video ads in youtube and such, as well as banner ads. A good one to try out, as it is free, and it is also customizable if you choose to do so, but it is also just as effective the way it comes.

Adaware – this one is also free to use. One of my favorites in the free division. It blocks and protects as well as cleaning up your system from unwanted annoying ads that slow you and your computer down. So try this one out and see if it doesn’t fit the bill for what your computer needs.

Admuncher – This one falls under the free/purchase description. You can get a free trial of the software, but if you want it for good, it will cost you; there is the basic price and the premium price. Basic updates once a week and blocks ads for you. On the other hand the premium package gives you updates on a daily basis of the most prolific popup ads, plus it gives you unlimited access to the new lists and tech support as well. The price range runs from a $19.95 basic monthly agreement to $109.00 premium lifetime agreement. So if you’re looking for a program that will keep you and your computer in the know constantly, this would be it.

I will post more of these next week…

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