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Help make the world a nicer place by performing random acts of Jesus blessing

Life © CreationSwap/Cody Davenport
Life © CreationSwap/Cody Davenport
Life © CreationSwap/Cody Davenport

At a Wendy’s restaurant in Cocoa, Fla. the following scene was witnessed. A tall, handsome young man was placing an order. On the t-shirt he wore was the emblem of the United States Marine Corps. It didn’t take long to notice he was having difficulty communicating with the server. An older woman standing beside him, who appeared to be his mother, spoke words of encouragement to help him with this simple task. She herself walked with difficulty, leaning on two silver canes.

Once the order was placed, the server rejected the piece of plastic handed to him for payment. The two turned away. Obviously they didn’t have the cash to pay for the order. Then a woman waiting in line asked the server how much money was needed. Although the other woman protested, this lady assured her she wanted to pay for the meal. She went on to do so, even though the cash she had in hand barely covered the cost of the two orders, her own and theirs. Yet she only smiled when she was thanked for her kindness.

If we examine what happened a few things stand out. For instance, the young man had a reduced mental capacity. The t-short he wore indicated he may have once served in the military. It is a fact that many veterans have returned from recent wars with head trauma. Was he one of them? Also, their benefactor appeared to be cash strapped herself, but it didn’t stop her from coming to their aid.

There is a lesson here for the followers of Lord Jesus. Much has been said about performing random acts of kindness in this violent society. However, paying the toll for the next 10 cars in line is too random. Who knows, one could be helping a criminal fleeing justice.

On the other hand, if one responds to a feeling of sympathy in a specific situation as the Spirit of the Lord leads, there are untold benefits. This is when that random act turns into a Jesus blessing, for both the giver and the receiver. Will random acts of Jesus blessing cost something, probably. Will one lay up treasure in heaven? If done under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with the right attitude, absolutely.

Believers are encouraged to be generous with their finances and faith. The Word of the Lord offers some guidance as to how to know when one should act. It tells one that true religion is to help widows and orphans. While monetary gifts are beneficial, just before being generous with his faith Peter said, “Silver and gold have I none, but what I have I give to you, in the name of Jesus rise up and walk.”

There are those in need in churches across America. They don’t call attention to themselves. The Holy Spirit knows who they are. And He can lead someone to them, if they’ll ask Him for the opportunity to perform a random act of Jesus blessing.