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Help kickstart 'The Art of Self-Directed Learning'

Blake Boles, author of College Without High School and Better Than College, is Kickstarting a new book The Art of Self-Directed Learning, a new book with 23 illustrated stories about giving yourself an unconventional education in a conventional world.

The Kickstarter project has over 200 backers with 5 days to go. $1 minimum pledge. $7 to receive an ebook.

From the author

My last two books—College Without High School and Better Than College—showed you how to get a higher education without a formal background. Unlike them, The Art of Self-Directed Learning is a more general-interest collection of the best stories and insights I've gathered from a decade of working with self-directed learners of all stripes: unschoolers, world travelers, small business owners, freelance creatives, and the founders of innovative camps, schools, and retreats.

I'm excited to get this book into world because there's a lot of confusion about self-directed learning that I want to help clear up. Many people think it means doing everything on your own (it doesn't), that's it's only for people blessed with self-discipline (it's not), or that it's all about online learning (quite the opposite). Such a powerful approach to education—and life in general—deserves more thoughtful consideration.

About the author

Blake Boles is an author, educator, and entrepreneur who took a 180-degree turn in college from studying astrophysics to get involved in the world of alternative education. Read more about him on

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