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Help Get The Daughter of The Ghoul Show Syndicated!

Janet Decay, The Daughter of The Ghoul Show!
Janet Decay, The Daughter of The Ghoul Show!
Janet Decay

Remember when you would stay up late, whether your parents knew it or not, to watch cheesy horror movies on late night television. The era of Elvira, The Ghoul, and even Ghoulardi was a great past time to anyone who loved their silly antics, corny jokes, and special effects. The Ghoul had his rubber frog named "Froggy" and his "Hiya, hiya" catch phrase. Elvira brought sex appeal to the hosting gig with her long, black dress, bumped up hair and watermelons wrestling under her chin. Well now its time for the rise of Janet Decay - the Daughter of The Ghoul.

Janet Decay has began a new era to horror movies, making a name for herself in the Cleveland, Ohio area the same way The Ghoul did in the 1970's. She's hoping to have the same success as he did when The Ghoul's show became syndicated through Kaiser Broadcasting channel WKBF - TV, airing in Detroit, MI and then to Chicago through to the West Coast. A petition is circling around Facebook in hopes of getting her show syndicated as well.

As we all know, each host had a great background story to their life. Janet Decay's is just as fascinating and captivating. Back in early movies, Janet was an actress in the silent movie era. She took on many scary movies roles that no other actress would touch. With her success, she became a great actress until she signed on to play a villain in a Cleopatra movie. During one of her scenes, Janet was to stage herself inside a sarcophagus until her cue to emerge as a ghost haunting Cleopatra. What she did not know like everyone else was the sarcophagus and her ankh necklace she wore for the role were curse and Janet became a living dead mummy. After reports of the studio being haunted, with heartattacks and accidents, the studio soon closed its doors leaving the sarcophagus, Janet Decay was cursed to, lost and forgotten. Decades later, the studio decided to renovate when the sarcophagus was discovered and Janet Decay was awakened from a century sleep. A show was developed around her discovering how perfect she would be for the Daughter of The Ghoul Show!

It's our turn to show support to her and the craft she is trying revive Please follow the link to sign the petition to get her show syndicated. All you have to do is click to join to the event to sign the petition so please hurry up and do so!