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Help for holiday stress and relationships

Holiday stress
Holiday stress
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Holidays can be hell on relationships.  Whether it's accumulating stress about holiday bills or having to spend time with relatives whom you don't particularly enjoy, the holidays often come with an extra helping of troubles that seem to exacerbate even normal functioning in social relationships.

Stress is one of the biggest problems in relationships and the holidays often create even more stress in our relationships.  The causes are many and varied but the results are the same - short tempers, high blood pressure and fragile nerves - a perfect storm of relationship tsunamis that can not only rock the boat but tip the boat over. 

It is at times like these that many people turn to hurtful behaviors to deal with stress.  These include but are not limited to increased use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs, separation and withdrawal from social situations and just being an donkey's rear (in an attempt to drive others away from us so we don't have to be the one to leave).  None of these are helpful and only lead to further problems. 

There is help for the holidays (and thereafter) that doesn't involve possible harmful, long-term physical, legal and relationship problems.  Logically, since stress is the major factor in precipitating the problems, stress should be what we focus on to help eliminate the problems.

The best stress-buster of which I am aware is hypnosis.  No matter what you go to hypnosis for, one thing you will always come away with is a feeling of total relaxation.  Hypnosis is the ultimate experience in reducing stress.

Rather than waiting until we are so stressed that we're ready to take the Axe to Uncle Bob, we can choose to be proactive and get a hypnosis session prior to having to listen to Uncle Bob tell those asinine stories for the 1200th time.  Being proactive and learning to use hypnosis prior to the stress activating events in our lives, we can eliminate the stress before it starts and deal with it on a continuing basis throughout the holidays.

If you're interested in a stress free holiday this year, give the folks over at Knoxville Center for Clinical Hypnosis a call.  They will be happy to work with you on creating a pleasant holiday experience.  They also have gift certificates for those who wish to give the gift of health this holiday.  Hypnosis for the office makes a great perk for employees who work especially hard dealing with others in holiday glut industries during this season.

Relax and enjoy the holidays.  Or, if you prefer, be a crazed loon who ends up hating the holidays and driving away everyone who cares about you.  The choice is, of course, yours.  Enjoy the tunes, chill out and relax.

Experiment with life.  Nurture those you love.



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