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Help for Haiti

Help for Haiti
Help for Haiti
The Commodore
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On Monday, March 1, there will be a concert at The Commodore, organized by Rebecca Hosking. The event is in support of Haiti, of course, and takes place from 7 to 11:30 PM.

Help for Haiti is being hosted by Debi Champion and artists to be featured include David Ball and the Pioneer Playboys, Stan Webb, Doug Johnson, Jerry Foster, Pam Belford, Don Wayne, and many more. There is no cover charge, but donations are greatly appreciated. There will also be items up for auction, so it should be fun! All proceeds are going to UNICEF.

Remember, one song at a time...

For more information on how things are in Haiti, click here.

The Commodore is located at the Holiday Inn Select on West End Avenue in Nashville. Click here for more information about The Commodore.

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