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Help for executives in transition to turn intellectual property into profits

Founder and CEO of
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The downturn in our economy left many experienced executives and long-term well-paid employees unemployed or underemployed. Their lives totally changed.

Today, according to statistics shared by Ellen J. Harris,founder and CEO of "There are 20 million professionals currently in transition." For many, the decisions are about how or if they should get back into Corporate America and get a job. For others, there's pull towards finally starting their own businesses and figuring out what will work in this global, digital economy.

As a former executive IT professional, Ellen found herself in transition and made a key decision to change the course of her own life six years ago.

Ellen J. Harris took her expertise and launched her own company based in NY known as Business- Accelerated Company(R). She knew first-hand the frustration of transition and the lure of returning to Corporate.

"The corporate world was changing and so was I. My change went from analog to digital. Now I am guiding others to find clarity and confidence in their decision- whether it's back to Corporate America or business ownership."

First Ellen mastered the transition herself, then she developed programs to help others have the confidence and tools they would need to support themselves on taking this journey to economic independence.

What started out of her own needs to take her knowledge and experience and get paid, has lead her to becoming an expert in guiding others to find their pathways to profit by developing products, services, and licensing their own intellectual property,

Ellen explained that her program provides a system that professionals can use again and again to identify how their expertise can serve their market, and helps them find the right audience for their message.

Ellen helps professionals develop and create products and services by discovering their own intellectual property and capital..

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