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Help Farewell Fighter join the world of film

Farewell Fighter
Farewell Fighter
(c) Farewell Fighter

Farewell Fighter, one of Nashville's powerpop-rock bands, is looking to create a music video for their biggest hit so far, "It's All in the Hips." However, they need help. It's pretty common when you're unsigned, y'know?

They say the video will cost about $1,000 to shoot and edit. If you ask me, that's actually pretty good. I mean, it could be a lot $50,000 or more. I've heard it costs celebrities about that much. And fortunately, Farewell Fighter has already raised $340; they just need $660 more by 12PM EDT, May 1.

They're raising money on this nifty little site called Kickstarter. What's great about Kickstarter is you can pledge from $1 all the way up to $1000, if you really wanted. And with each pledge you take, starting at $5, the band will give you information on the video and stuff if they actually make it. Here's a list of what you'll get with each pledge:

Pledge $5 or more: She delivers up-to-date info on what's going on in and around Nashville! She has so far published 208 articles and gained 41,730+ page views.

Pledge $10 or more: Everything above plus exclusive first access to the “making of” video featuring behind the scenes footage from the video shoot. We promise to keep our shirts on.

Pledge $20 or more: Everything above plus a digital pre-release of the music video one week before its official release. If you’re as bad at math as we are, we’ll send you an e-mail reminder with a link so you know when it's ready.

Pledge $30 or more: Everything above plus free access for you and a friend to the exclusive “It’s All In the Hips” video release party (date / location TBA) featuring an acoustic performance from the band that will feature new and unreleased songs as well as a chance to hang with the guys in a setting other than on your computer screen!

Pledge $45 or more: Everything above plus a Merch pack to include your choice of shirt, a signed copy of “The Winning Team”, a bracelet, as well as a signed poster (swimsuit edition…?)

Pledge $150 or more: Everything above plus the band will write / record a fully produced song JUST for you. It might sound EXACTLY like “Tik Tok” by Ke$hia but just go with it.

Pledge $250 or more: Everything above plus a fully pressed DVD copy of “It’s All In the Hips” to include the final cut version of the music video, a behind the scenes / “making of” feature, live footage from Farewell Fighter performances and tons of extra video goodies!

Pledge $1000 or more: Everything above plus a date with the band! Not from Nashville? No worries! We’ll buy you that plane ticket. Just start thinking about what you're gonna wear.

And if the band doesn't reach $1000 by May 1, your money won't be taken from your account. (That doesn't mean make false pledges, because otherwise you just might be put into an unwanted debt.) But, let's hope the band really does make it. To help out, click here, or use the widget below.

Also, the band would like your help on getting to play on Warped Tour 2010. You can join the group on FaceBook and send an e-mail to Warped Tour representatives by clicking here. Or, you can go an even simpler way. You can become a member of the website, Battle of the Bands, and vote for them. You can click here to be brought to their page.

And that's not all, that's not all! They were caught with Every You drinking alcohol. I mean...they're going to be caught on tour with Every You. (Yes, I know, that was corny.) They'll start the tour out at The Coup in Clarksville on May 16 at 8PM after their last show in Nashville at Rocketown with You Me and Everyone We Know on May 4 at 6PM. To view a list of their tourdates, you can visit their MySpace by clicking here.

In case you haven't bought the album, The Winning Team, yet, you might want to. It's available here through their webstore on Big Cartel and on iTunes by clicking here. You can also get t-shirts and pins on their webstore!

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