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Help Emma go to famous Performing Arts School


Here is Emma's story, she can tell it the best. Once Upon A Time...

When my great grandfather was a young man he was invited to a presentation about a brand new invention. He went to London and was asked if he'd like to invest some money in this unknown product. He thought it was interesting but unfortunately couldn't really see the potential and so he didn't invest. The presentation was given by a man named John Logie Baird and the new invention was the television.

I have just been offered an amazing opportunity to attend one of the world’s most prestigious performing arts schools in London that boasts a huge number of famous graduates, including Leona Lewis, Naomi Campbell, Pixie Lott, Noel Coward, Lisa Snowdon, Russell Brand, Wendy Richard, Clare Sweeney, Newton Faulkner, Sharon Osbourne, Leslie Phillips, Kelly Brook,Tracey Ullman, Leslie Ash and many more. I feel a connection to the story about my great grandfather because it highlights my most valued belief – “Take a chance.” Unfortunately, he didn’t. I however, did – I took the chance to go for something that seemed utterly unattainable to a young Devon girl with only a passion to dance, sing and perform.

She has been accepted however, now she needs to raise the money.

Perks include prints, business sponsorships and her playing at your wedding.

Check out her music video, photos and perks here