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Help Dr. Ambrose Ink by solving challenging puzzles

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Dr. Ambrose Ink has vanished and it's up to Agent Evangeline Glass to rescue him. Your quest leads you to Castle Barber, where soldiers, golems, and other dangers await you. In order to save Dr. Ambrose Ink, you have to solve a variety of puzzles. After you solve these puzzles, you gain various items needed to progress in your quest. The one feature of this game that really pulls you in the graphics and the mini cut scenes; they are really intriguing and flow in a smooth motion. The gameplay is okay; in order to collect certain items you have to use other items; to collect a bird statue, you have to use a match to clear out the bugs. Some of the puzzles are too challenging though, and I found myself using the hint button many times. Clockwork Tales: of Glass and Ink is a decent puzzle solving game with amazing graphics, but lacking a bit in great gameplay; it would have been a better experience if I didn't have to use the hint button so much.

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