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Help District 13 take down the Capital

Lionsgate announces a new way for fans to help District 13 take down The Capital
Lionsgate announces a new way for fans to help District 13 take down The Capital

District 13 is back and is trying to take down the Capital. They have released a link on The Hunger Games Facebook page and they ask your help to take down President Snow and the Capital.

Below are the steps in order to help join the rebellion.

1. Click on the link
2. Scan the ID with your smartphone.
3. Log in with Facebook and Twitter (you only need to do this if you want to save your progress).
4. Go to on the computer and enter the Session ID (located in the upper right hand corner) on into your phone.
5. Log into Facebook/Twitter again (again you don’t need to do this)
6. Help take down the Capital.

You get to help District 13 hack into the Capital mainframe to take over. You get to do this through a series of games and other ‘hacking’ ways.

This new game comes at the heels of the new app that Lionsgate released called “Our Leader the Mockingjay”. in this app, you create ‘marks’ of the Mockingay symbol on anything and then post the picture via Twitter or Facebook. You get points for every mark you make and find and also for getting ahead on The Hunger Games Explorer app.

The “Our Leader the Mockingjay” app is available for Ios and Apple.

It looks like they are back at it for finding new ways to keep the fans interested and involved in the movie before it comes out on November 21st. It’s exciting to see what they will come up with next.

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Are you going to help take down the Capital?

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