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Help Create Heaven Now


Here is another project crowdfunding on it's own webpage instead of a major site. Here is what they have to say about their project:We are looking to reduce violence, stress, tension, suffering, and increase happiness, harmony, love, and tolerance with a permanent Heaven-Creating® Heaven Machine starting in Los Angeles and then to all 4,621 cities of more than 100,000 so everyone enjoys the same Heavenly benefits. Your donation can help make this happen.

“Heaven” Means
Heaven means “All good everywhere and no non-good anywhere.” Positive results from this program will include reduced crime, better weather, better traffic experiences, more joy and happiness, less violence, improved quality of life for everyone, solving the homeless situation, less fear, more trust and better health. Benefits accrue to both the people of Los Angeles and all those who contribute immediately and build over time. Do your own due diligence and be responsible for your purchases.

Perks include digital downloads, cards, awaken to happiness CD and DVD

You can support the project here