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Help children celebrate others’ differences

New book on kickstart
New book on kickstart

Unfortunately, bullying has become a major problem in the United States. Maria Dismondy’s books are meant to empower children to positively handle tough situations through their timeless messages that include compassion, respect, and anti-bullying. She has penned five books that convey her positive messages, and has a new campaign on kickstarter.

As a Nationally recognized children’s author, Maria Dismondy ( who’s best-selling book, SPAGHETTI IN A HOT DOG BUN, will appear as an off-Broadway children’s musical in New York City later this year (2014) is embarking on her next big venture.

As a retired teacher, now speaker and author, Maria Dismondy in her new book, Maria tells the story of one of her students who, despite being a legal U.S. immigrant, could not speak English when he entered her classroom. He cried every day and felt scared and alone in his new environment. Yet, he showed up for school every day with the strength, courage and determination displayed far beyond his years. As a minority not from this country, there was the risk of ridicule by other students for being “different.” With patience and understanding, Maria’s students learned to embrace Gabe and within weeks, he was speaking English and found acceptance by others.

Thus, Maria’s new book was borne and she invites others to share her journey to be part of this book with her campaign on kickstarter.

The motivation behind this campaign is simple: America needs more diverse books. Poet Lucille Cliffton said, “The literature of America should reflect the children of America.” And yet, fewer than 10% of the books published in 2013 featured children of color, according to the Cooperative Children’s Book Center. Sadly, the market for these “niche” books has been viewed as risky. Until recently, the Common Core Curriculum requires quality books featuring diversity in order to teach the standards. And there has been an outpour of concern in the publishing industry surrounding the lack of books representing all cultures.

“I want to be proactive in responding to this need and be part of the solution by creating a book that reflects America’s rich multiculturalism and speaks for the under-represented; a book that children can both relate to and empathize with. I’m inviting the community to get behind this project and join me in empowering children around the world to celebrate others’ differences! I have fantastic rewards to offer, including autographed copies of the book, school visits, a chance to become an illustrated character, and to have your name or company name in the book.”

All children deserve to see themselves represented in children’s literature.

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