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Help bring Bandit home

Bandit is still missing
Bring Bandit Home FB page

As a pet owner, it's so tough to think about your pet being away from your for any length of time. Now imagine your sweet pet has been missing for over four months. That's what happened to Elvina Beals. She was out walking her two Shetland Sheepdogs and they all were attacked by a large dog that was unleashed. Her two dogs slipped their leashes and ran away. After a few days her female, Maggie, was found. Bandit however has remained on the run since May 6. They were originally walking on the Potter's Woods Trail in Noblesville when they were attacked.

Bandit is a sable and white Sheltie, approximately 14" tall. His face has a large amount of white running down his nose and his chest is all white. Bandit was originally a rescue dog and was very shy and timid. Through Elvina's love and hard work, he blossomed and became an agility dog. He excelled in the sport and earned many titles. Bandit has been spotted frequently but no one has been able to catch him as he is still wary of strangers.

There is a Facebook page set up to share information and a map that shows where he has been sighted. If you see Bandit, do not try to chase him as he will most likely run. Instead, contact Elvina at 317-502-3503 or Darryl Beals at 317-606-0012. Elvina has contacted several animal communicators who believe Bandit is still fairly close to his house. Given his athletic ability though, he could have run or been picked up and carried far from home. Please "Like" his Facebook page and put their numbers in your cell phone. You never know when you might see him during your daily travels.

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