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Help Bear Creek Vet save Frankie the Foal

She's figured out on her own how to drink from a pail since she can't drink from her mother.
She's figured out on her own how to drink from a pail since she can't drink from her mother.
Bear Creek Veterinary Services

Imagine being two days old, standing in your new world for the first time, floundering around on wobbly legs just learning to walk and feed from your mother. If you’ve ever seen a new foal walk for the first time or seen the gangly way they joyfully examine their new world then you know what I’m talking about. The birth of a beautiful new horse is an awesome thing to see.

Amy (left) and Jordan (right) give operate on Frankie. She's taking this like a champion! You can see the open wounds covered in white antibiotic ointment on her legs, hindquarters, stomach, and face.
Bear Creek Veterinary Services

Imagine a few seconds later when two dogs attack you, literally ripping the skin off your face and pulling it completely back over the top of your skull, tear your ears off, and puncture you with savage claws and teeth in so many places that everyone assumes you’ll die. A claw shreds the nerves of your face leaving you immediately paralyzed on the left side, puncture your neck and come only millimeters from ripping out your jugular vein.

You have no idea how to defend yourself and no coordination with which to gather your fleet hooves under you and flee in terror as the the pack continues to play with your body like a toy. In mere seconds every limb is punctured and ripped, both front and rear. Both the top, bottom, and both sides of your neck are a mass of bloody meat where the dogs decimated your neck muscles, toying with you. Your beautiful striped dun coat is a mass of blood and exposed meat and bone.

Now… imagine surviving it!

This is the true story of Frankie the Foal!

If those first paragraphs turned your stomach and made you lose your appetite then you’re as human as the rest of us. As horrible and gruesome as this story is, it gets better. I can’t tell it all here because it’s still developing, but I want to share with those of you who might can help, the story of an amazing little horse that so-far has beaten the odds.

This excerpt above and accompanying photos have been reprinted here with the express permission of Tommy Jordan who shared Frankie's story on his blog, Carolina Region. Tommy Jordan is the husband of Stanly County, North Carolina, veterinarian, Amy Jordan, who owns Bear Creek Veterinary Services.

Please read the incredible detailed account of Frankie's amazing survival and the loving and dedicated team of vets, vet techs and volunteers -- dubbed "Team Frankie" -- who have worked literally around the clock to save this little fighter's life.

I hope each of reading this article will find it in your heart to contribute to Frankie's survival with your thoughts, prayers, donations or time, each as you are able. Details on how you can make a donation, as I have, are available on the blog.

Updates on Frankie's recovery will be posted both on the blog and on the Bear Creek Veterinary Facebook page. I hope you will share Frankie's story with your friends and neighbors.


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