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Help alleviate the pain when an attack of brain freeze hits & skip the migraine

Brain freeze as we all know can be quite painful. This condition occurs when a person eats something cold like ice cream fast. The result is what is known as brain freeze. The symptoms feel like your head/brain is on ice and can immediately cause a severe pounding headache or worse, a migraine.

Have you ever experienced brain freeze?
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There are some tips that you can introduce to yourself when this occurrence happens. The pain will decrease as well as that icy feeling while preventing yourself from suffering from a terrible migraine headache.

The first tip is quite simple. And, that is to not eat ice cream or swallow any frozen drinks quickly. This will without a doubt bring on brain freeze. Another tip which isn’t something many would be likely to consider is to give up those frozen treats you love so much. Since this doesn’t seem to be the right answer then it would be wise to try a few of the tips suggested below that will help prevent or lessen the pain of a brain freeze attack.

Tips that aid in the prevention and easing of brain freeze pain:

Press your tongue or thumb against the roof of your mouth. The placement of both will emit some heat which then warms your palate. Once the temperature inside your mouth rises it will lessen the severity of the pain you're experiencing.

A massage will also help lessen the pain and icy feeling. Either rub your temples and the back of your neck yourself or ask a friend or family member to do it for you. After a few minutes your body will respond to the massaging muscles and lessen the stress and tension headache you are feeling from eating all that ice cream.

Take the icy chill off the treat you are about to eat or drink. Place the bowl or glass in the microwave for 10-20 seconds before you begin to eat or drink that delicious dessert. This takes the edge off the chill and may just prevent that headache from forming.

Lastly is to have a drink handy that is warmer than the treat you are about to consume. Once you start to experience the symptoms of brain freeze take a sip or two and this will put a damper on that icy effect you know could be coming your way.

Enjoy icy cold treats without the torture of brain freeze!

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