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Help a victim of Ft Hood - he and his family needs our support....


Remembering the soldiers and victims of Ft. Hood shooting.
photo by Susan Rauch

This Thanksgiving let's remember the soldiers and civilians injured in the Ft. Hood shootings.  My Texas Hill Country article will be a bit more solemn in as one of my classmates (Vita Haake) brother-in-law, Spc. Logan Burnette, was victim of the shooting and is now in rehab in San Antonio, Texas. He was a part-time reservist who quit his job to deploy prior to the Ft. Hood his family must move from Missouri to San Antonio as he forgoes a lengthy recovery.   A fund has been set up to help he and his family during this time of need. Please keep this family in your prayers during this holiday season and if you would like to help out, the contact information is listed below. 

Here is his story:
This is the story as I received it from my Texas State University professor, Dr. Libby Allison:
Vita Haake's, brother-in-law, Spc. Logan Burnette, was gunned down in the Ft. Hood shooting. He was shot three times. Fortunately, he is recovering well, but he has several months of rehabilitation ahead. His family is in dire need of financial help. They are broke. Logan and his wife and children are from Kansas, and he was a part-time reservist, who quit his job to deploy; his wife has now quit her job, where they were living in Joplin, Missouri to move to San Antonio because he is in rehabilitation
there. There have been a lot of travel expenses, now moving expenses, and of
course living expenses.  Because he can tell it better than anyone, here's his story on CNN:

And here is a spot on Anderson Cooper 360:
 He thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers

To Donate:
You can make the deposit at ANY Wells Fargo or Wachovia bank in the
country-be sure to they know it is an account set up for Logan Burnett (by
Vita Haake)
.  Wellsfargo and Wachovia banks are spread out everywhere.
Here's their location finder:

The best address to send to would be the location where Vita originally set
it up at, since they're familiar with the account:

Wells Fargo Bank
AUSTIN, TX 78759

Tel: 5127944015 (ask for Lisa Welcher)
You can also contact Vita at