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Helmets being given to students in Moore schools

Several children were killed during the May 20 tornado in Moore.
Several children were killed during the May 20 tornado in Moore.
Emma Riley Sutton

As tornado season approaches, one group is working hard to keep students in the Moore Public Schools safe. “Moore Helmets for Schools” is a group of volunteers giving helmets to students to wear during a tornado. According to an April 4 report by KWTV Channel 9 News in Oklahoma City, the group plans to give away over 22,000 helmets to Moore students.

“Moore Helmets for Schools” has already given away over 3,000 helmets to students. Those were given away last month. Volunteers with the group will give away more than 9,000 helmets on Saturday.

Dr. Bob Letton is a pediatric trauma surgeon. He works at the OU Children's Hospital in Oklahoma City. He supports the idea of children having helmets to wear during a tornado.

“Moore Helmets for Schools” was created after the Moore tornado that killed several students at Plaza Towers last year. That tornado ripped through Moore and other parts of Oklahoma last year on May 20.

Despite the efforts of “Moore Helmets for Schools,” many believe the only way to keep students safe is by providing them storm shelters in the schools. Many schools are currently looking into how they would be able to build storm shelters for their students.