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Hello, Teachers! Hello, Students! (to the tune of Hello, Muddah! Hello, Fadduh!)

Hello, Teachers! Hello, Students!
Here I am at Public Education.
Teaching is very boring,
And they say we'll have some fun if we stop testing.
I gave tests to my classes.
They developed chronic boredom.
You remember how fun school was?
Now it’s teaching to the test calendar.
All the students hate the tests.
And the teachers are bitter.
And the principal wants improved scores,
So he analyzes everything from the district.
Now I don't want this to scare ya,
But my students aren’t learning.
You remember life preparation?
That went out with the start of testing
Take me back.
Oh Students, Teachers,
Take me back.
I hate testing.
Don't leave me
Here, where there is great pressure
To bear.
Take me back.
I promise I’ll teach every subject
Not just those on the tests
Oh, please don't make me test,
I can’t stand the way education is today.
Fellow Teachers, Former Students,
How's your education been for you?
Come visit me and tell me how it is.
I would even let my current students meet you!
Wait a minute!
You won’t believe.
Classes are boring.
The fun is gone.
Teaching all day .
That’s really terrible.
Teachers, Students please hurry up and change this!

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