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Hello Hornets, bye bye Bobcats:

Hugo the Hornet gets fans pumped up during a game in 1994
Hugo the Hornet gets fans pumped up during a game in 1994
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The Charlotte Hornets have returned and the buzz is certainly back after the NBA franchise packed its things and moved to New Orleans some 12 years ago.

In an announcement made today at Time Warner Cable arena, team President, Fred Whitfield discussed the timeline and the process for which the team will make its re-transformation complete. After 10 years of being the Charlotte Bobcats, the entire franchise is due for a makeover.

As fans and members of the media filed into the arena they were greeted by construction crews who have already began the three million dollar project to bring the hive alive once again.

"Our owner and Chairman, Michael Jordan has made a tremendous financial commitment to re-brand this franchise and give the fans exactly what they've been asking for". Whitfield said during the press conference.

The club also announced that the dance team would reclaim their name as the 'Honey Bees' and that they would be holding auditions on June 6. The highly anticipated new uniforms will be unveiled on June 15 and those uniforms will see their first action as the team travels to Las Vegas for the NBA Summer League in July.

Most people would agree that a team's history is the key to its future and Whitfield drew major applause from the fans in attendance when he announced that all the stats and past accomplishments would be returned to the Charlotte franchise from 1988 until the team departed in 2002.

This is important because names like Larry Johnson, Mugsy Bogues, Dell Curry and Glen Rice would all still be in the New Orleans Pelicans archives if the teams hadn't reached an agreement on how to settle the matter. Whitfield did thank the Pelicans organization for its cooperation during the press conference for helping with the transition.

While Jordan was not in attendance, the remainder of the Hornets brass was on hand for the announcement, including President of Basketball Operations Rod Higgins and head coach Steve Clifford. No players made an appearance at the arena but quite a few of them sounded off on Twitter about their excitement for next season.

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