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Hello Hair Hydrating Mask

Hello Hair Hydrating Mask
Hello Hair Hydrating Mask
Hello Hair

Hair goes through a lot of damage from hot styling tools to harsh shampoos and products.

Repairing dull, dry and damaged hair can seem impossible. Store products don't always deliver what they promise. Natural products always provide better results.

Hello Hair Hydrating Mask is packed full of 100% natural ingredients. The beneficial oils in this mask, repair and moisturize the hair.

So say goodbye to the crazy chemical compounds that exist in commercial hair care products, and hello to hair that is healthier, naturally!

What is inside Hello Hair Hydrating Mask?!

Coconut oil helps recover damaged hair; adding luster, shine and softness to dry and stressed out hair. By preventing hair breakage and split ends, you'll be helping your hair to grow and grow and grow! Hello Hair uses 100% virgin Coconut oil.

Almond Oil is abundantly rich in vitamins and minerals, and has been used for centuries to add shine and boost strength to hair. It's high level of protein and Vitamin E makes it perfect for hair growth and preventing greying and hair loss.

Argan Oil hydrates hair, making it great for controlling manes that are unruly and damaged. It is also packed with Vitamin E and natural anti-oxidants which are real hair pleasers.

Olive Oil loves to smooth split ends, reduce static, control dandruff and smooth the hair cuticle; making it a welcome ingredient to improve the overall health of your hair and scalp.

Olive Leaf Extract is anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial by nature. The olive leaf extract in Hello Hair is extremely rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals; so it repairs, strengthens, hydrates and protects your hair.

Castor Oil is a great source of omega-9 fatty acids, which benefit the roots and scalp by preventing drying of the hair. Hair growth is the obvious result of hydrating your hair with ingredients like Castor Oil.

Use it twice a week to help your hair regain its natural shine and strength. This masks smells like sweet coconut. It is easily washed off with shampoo without leaving the hair oily.

Best natural hair mask so far!

Rescue your hair now

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