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Hello 1795

For the New Year 2014, we will be highlighting the Dark Shadows 1795 storyline. This famous story introduces the audience to Angelique, the witch we all love to hate. It will also give us the underlying story of Barnabas Collins and Josette DePres. This week on Dark Shadows, November 17, 1967:

Dark Shadows 1795 storyline - Angelique
Dark Shadows 1795 storyline - Angelique
Dan Curtis Productions
Dark Shadows 1795 storyline
Dan Curtis Productions

Episode 365
writer: Sam Hall director: John Sedwick original airdate: 11/17/67
The residents of Collinwood gather for a séance to make contact with Sarah Collins. Barnabas Collins, the vampire, has Carolyn Stoddard pretend she is in a trance with the spirit of Sarah, but the real Sarah makes her presence known by possessing Victoria Winters. During the ceremony, the lights go out, and when they return, Victoria is gone, replaced by a woman in period clothing – Phyllis Wick, Sarah’s governess from 1795.

Episode 366
writer: Gordon Russell director: John Sedwick original airdate: 11/20/67
A disorientated Victoria Winters wanders to a miraculously restored Old House, where she encounters Barnabas Collins, pre-vampire, who does not recognize her. She also meets Sarah Collins, who is very much alive and not a ghost. Victoria soon realizes that she has been transported back to the year 1795.

Episode 367
writer: Ron Sproat director: Lela Swift original airdate: 11/21/67
Victoria Winters is shocked to learn that Collinwood is still under construction. She finds a new ally in Jeremiah Collins, who reminds her of Burke Devlin. Jeremiah negotiates with his brother and the family patriarch, Joshua Collins, for Victoria to work at the Old House as Sarah Collins’ governess. Abigail Collins, sister to Jeremiah and Joshua, has decided that Victoria is a witch.

Episode 368/369
writer: Sam Hall director: Lela Swift original airdate: 11/22/67
As the Collins family anticipates the arrival of Barnabas Collins’ finance, Josette DuPres from Martinique, her servant Angélique arrives ahead of her. Angélique’s love for Barnabas is soon apparent, but he is adamant that he will marry Josette. The audience learns that Angélique is a witch – she plans her revenge on Barnabas. This episode was aired in black and white due to the color version being lost.

Episode 370
writer: Gordon Russell director: Lela Swift original airdate: 11/24/67
Josette DuPres finally arrives at Collinwood. Barnabas Collins' affection for his fiancée proves too much for Angélique, who calls on her supernatural powers to make him suddenly choke. She ties Barnabas’ handkerchief around the neck of his childhood toy soldier which in turn chokes Barnabas.

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