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Helllloooooo San Francisco

The exterior of the Hillard house in San Francisco's Pacific Heights
The exterior of the Hillard house in San Francisco's Pacific Heights
Burt Tower

Released in theatres November 24, 1993 and first released on DVD August 27, 2002; Mrs. Doubtfire quickly became a fan favorite and one of Robin Williams’ most brilliant comedic performance as he plays dual roles.

For those of you who have not seen this movie, Robin William plays Daniel Hillard a father who loses his family when his wife becomes tired of his child-like antics. So he devises a plan to dress as a nanny, Mrs. Doubtfire, so he can spend time with his kids without violation of court orders of his wife Miranda Hillard (Sally Field) having sole custody.

There are many wonderful aspects to the movie, including the dual role that Robin Williams plays, to the heartwarming story of a father wanting to be close to his children, and the wonderful scenery of the movie being set in San Francisco.

San Francisco has been the backdrop for many of Hollywood’s movies, due to beautiful buildings and scenery.

For Mrs. Doubtfire, there are many locations throughout San Francisco, and the Easy Bay where filming took place.

The Hillard house in the movie is actually located 2640 Steiner Street on the corner of Steiner and Broadway. While the beautiful exteriors of the house were shot here in San Francisco the interiors were shot at a film stage.

The house became a tourist attraction for a short period of time after the film had been released in theatres.

While the house was the main focus in San Francisco, there were other scenes shot in and around the city. When Mrs. Doubtfire fends off a mugger she is shopping on Columbus Street and when Daniel Hillard does the Raptor Rap, those scenes were filmed in the studios of KTVU in Oakland.

As for the restaurant scene where Robin Williams does a few changes between Daniel and Mrs. Doubtfire, that was filmed at Bridges Restaurant at 44 Church Street in Danville and is still in operation today.

Mrs. Doubtfire is just one of many movies set or filmed in San Francisco. Every Monday I will be writing about a film that was set or filmed in San Francisco and will describe where in the city it was filmed and what landmarks can be seen in the film.


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