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'Hell's Kitchen': The cooking drama begins

Chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

On Thursday night the 11th season of one of the greatest reality television shows began, yes indeed, “Hell’s Kitchen” has new 20 chefs hoping to impress chef Ramsay and in turn win the grand prize; and that position is executive chef in one of chef Ramsay’s restaurants with a salary of $250.000 a year.

The teams were divided once again women, Red Team, vs. men, Blue Team and their first challenge was for each chef to prepare their own signature dishes. The women at first found themselves at the bottom, but bounced back up and at the end won the first reward challenge, and that was dinner with chef Ramsay at one of his restaurants in Los Angeles.

The men therefore had to face the dreaded punishment that meant cleaning up the whole restaurant for dinner service and here the drama began when one of the chefs, Mike, decided to take his time with the vacuum while the rest of the men put furniture away and he refused to help out.

Then it was time for the dinner service and it was a disaster to say the least, three chefs on the Red Team were at each other’s throats Joy, Nicole, and Sandra, this last one comes across as the one who will annoy everyone and viewers will hope to see her eliminated sooner than later, however, based on previous shows, she will probably remain to the end.

“Hell’s Kitchen” runs on Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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