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'Hell's Kitchen': Teams are reshuffled

Chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Vegas Uncork'd by Bon Appetit

On Thursday night’s episode of “Hell’s Kitchen”, chef Ramsay who introduced them to 2 life size models of pigs greeted the chefs, and advised that the two part challenge was for each team to tag properly each cut of meat and once they felt they got it right to ring a dinner triangle. The team that got this part right first, would get a significant advantage for the second half of the challenge, and by a few seconds the Blue Team won the first part.

In the second part the men would get to choose not only which part each individual chef wish to cook, but also decide on which chef in the Red Team they would compete against. Anton picked shoulder and Melanie, Richard chose tenderloin and Rochelle, Scott opted for cheek and Kashia, Gabriel with a smile predicting victory picked spare ribs and Joy, and Jason chose belly and the remaining chef on the Red Team Sandra. Each would have 45 minutes to cook a stunning dish that would be judged together by chef Ramsay.

Scott decided to cook fresh ravioli and all the chefs including chef Ramsay were surprised that he would take such a risk with such little time to complete the dish. The first to be judged was the shoulder battle and Melanie was praised whereas Anton’s despite tasting good look terrible, so the Red Team took the first point. Next up, tenderloin and Rochelle took the second point and much praise from chef Ramsay, then came the spare ribs and both chefs received high marks, but Gabriel got the men on the score board with their first point, then pork belly and Sandra was told she needed to cook a bit longer and Jason was told that it was the best dish he has produced so far, there was a tie, next team to score would get the win for their team. And lo and behold Scott won with his fresh ravioli that everyone doubted he would be able to complete. That meant the Blue Team won reward and the women would have to endure hardship and prep both kitchens for that night’s dinner service.

Chef Ramsay expected excellence from the top 10 chefs, but last night during dinner service both teams were out of sync and mistakes rather than food flew out of the kitchen, there was no winning team and both teams had to come up with 2 chefs that should be eliminated. Red Team chose Sandra and Rochelle and the Blue Team Anton, who started well but lately seems to blame everyone for his errors rather than own up to his inability to communicate, and Scott once again because he is thought to be the weakest chef.

They all pleaded their case and then chef Ramsay asked each one to take their jackets off, and advised that since their teams feel they are the problem, then he reshuffled both teams and sent the 2 women to the Blue Team and the 2 men to the Red Team, and no one was eliminated last night.

“Hell’s Kitchen” runs on Thursday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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