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‘Hell's Kitchen’ season 12, episode 5 spoilers: Wedding brunch

Gordon Ramsay
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

Spoilers for episode 5 of “Hell’s Kitchen” reveal that a wedding brunch will make the lives of the chefs difficult. On April 10, the official Facebook page of the show shared a video of Gordon Ramsay complaining about greasy food for the bride and groom. The 16 remaining chefs must create a perfect brunch for the wedding party, but they continue to disappoint Ramsay.

A brave couple decides to take the risk of having “Hell’s Kitchen” prepare its wedding brunch, and Gordon Ramsay is pushing the 16 chefs to their limit to test their skills. During the meal preparation, one of the chefs on the men’s blue team fails to properly heat up the pan before placing a sandwich inside of it. Chef Ramsay points out the sandwich is soaking up the oil from the pan instead of becoming crispy, and he would prefer the bride and groom not worry about their cholesterol.

The women’s team will also struggle with the cooking during the next episode as the chef complains about the appearance of their plates. In the YouTube video for the show, Ramsay does not like how they have added spices to the plates. The wedding brunch puts extra pressure on all the contestants and makes them work harder to complete the service.

In the previous episode, Mike Aresta was sent home, and the men’s team did not seem upset over the loss of the New Jersey chef. Ramsay also tried to show both teams how much money they lost by not being able to finish the services. He punished them by forcing the losing team to roll thousands of pennies and experience the physical loss of money. The women’s team seems to be improving while the men’s team is still having issues and is in danger of losing more members in upcoming episodes.

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