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‘Hell's Kitchen’ season 12, episode 3 spoilers: 18 chefs compete

Gordon Ramsay
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

The spoilers for episode 3 of “Hell’s Kitchen” reveal that 18 chefs will be competing in Chef Gordon Ramsay’s latest challenge. On March 25, the official Facebook page of the show shared that the contestants will continue to drive Ramsay wild while he plans a special food challenge for them.

After eliminating several chefs, only 18 people remain on “Hell’s Kitchen,” and the challenges will only get harder. Chef Ramsay has come up with a new way to make the chefs compete that involves pigs and potatoes. His goal is to teach them teamwork, but the winners and losers will face vastly different consequences. The chefs are forced to put on their overalls and dig through dirt for potatoes as they are surrounded by pigs in a timed competition. The team that wins gets to spend time on a yacht, but the losers will have to clean up the livestock and avoid the luxury.

Chef Ramsay continues to be unhappy with dinner service, and this does not change in the next episode of season 12. He criticizes the women for not doing enough while the men almost get into a fight on their side. Ramsay was disappointed to see empty pans with oil in them being heated up on the women’s side while no one was attending to them. The early episodes of “Hell’s Kitchen” are always challenging for the teams, but they tend to improve with time.

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