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‘Hell’s Kitchen’ season 12, episode 17 recap: ‘6 Chefs Compete’

Gordon Ramsay
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

“Hell’s Kitchen” returned with a new episode that featured six chefs competing for the final prize. On Thursday, the official Facebook page for the show revealed a video that gave viewers the chance to see how the chefs handled a tailgate feast. The contestants had to travel to the University of Southern California to compete in the challenge, and the famous black jackets were not forgotten.

In episode 17, the show decided to cater to football fans by letting the chefs make their meals. Gordon Ramsay presented the sandwich challenge to the contestants at the University of Southern California, and the fans had the chance to determine the best food from the group. Scott and Jason won the challenge and were rewarded with a wine-tasting in Malibu.

The four chefs who did not win the challenge were stuck doing the recycling at the school and spent their time sorting through the trash. However, Jason may have celebrated his victory with too much wine because he struggled to stay awake the next day. Nevertheless, he was not the only one who had problems with dinner service because Kashia had multiple issues with the lobster. Scott decided that he was going to scream back at Ramsay after he questioned his dedication to cooking. The other contestants also underperformed during dinner, but they picked Kashia to be eliminated.

Despite Scott’s argument with Ramsay, he was not sent home and received a reprimand from the chef during elimination. Kashia’s problems with her station cost her the black jacket on “Hell’s Kitchen,” and she went home. It was clear that Ramsay was not impressed with any of the contestants during dinner and felt they should have been working better as a team. The group has been reduced to five chefs who will be competing next week.

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