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‘Hell’s Kitchen’ season 12, episode 16: Minnie Driver joins ‘7 Chefs Again’

Minnie Driver
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

“Hell’s Kitchen” returns with episode 16 of its new season, and spoilers reveal that Minnie Driver will be the guest star. On Wednesday, the official Facebook page for the show shared an exclusive video of the chefs competing for the black jackets. The contestants face the challenge of feeding guests from Oxfam America, and an early elimination changes the reality show.

Driver is an ambassador for Oxfam America, and she is a special guest in “Hell’s Kitchen.” However, an early preview of the show reveals that she is left wondering how long her food will take, so the chefs are not moving quickly enough again. Gordon Ramsay continues to see disappointing dishes from the contestants, and two chefs upset him the most compared to the others.

Ramsay’s anger is enough for him to decide an early elimination is necessary because the two chefs are having too many problems with their stations. Meanwhile, the lure of the black jackets keeps the other contestants pushing through the dinner service. In the “7 Chefs Again” episode, no one is safe from going home. After a lack of eliminations in the previous week, viewers can prepare for a change this Thursday. “Hell’s Kitchen” is ready to send people home again, so the competition is back.

The chefs also have the calendar challenge on their minds, and the show will announce the December winner in the next episode. Only one person from season 12 will get the honor of being included in the 2015 calendar because each month is dedicated to a chef from one season and includes one recipe. As the number of chefs continues to fall, the challenges will increase and become more intense. However, the stress of the Oxfam America dinner is enough for several contestants to lose their focus in the kitchen.

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