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Hell's Kitchen recap - 10/13/2010 - Part 2

In the second half of this week's episode, the chefs began with a "Profitability Challenge". The Red team won again. Their prize? Boat trip and waterfront dining. The Blue team suffered yet another punishment. This time donning hazmat suits to fumigate the kitchen.

Before dinner service, Chef Ramsay took the chefs outside and pointed out to them a blimp that was flying over Los Angeles to promote Hell's Kitchen's 100th dinner service. The special guests that night would be guests who have "a very special connection to Hell's Kitchen." Much to Sabrina's disappointment, the special guests did NOT include P. Diddy. Instead, past winners of Hell's Kitchen Rock, Christina, Danny, and Holli were to be dining-in tonight.

This dinner service was certainly not the high point for Trev, who just had tons of issues. At one point, Ramsay called over the whole kitchen just to help Trev on his garnish station.

After dinner service, the Blue team was to nominate people for elimination. They chose Boris, Rob, and Vinny. It was finally Boris' time to go.

After Boris' exit, Ramsay surprised the chefs by calling Trev to come stand in front of him saying,"You know what I realized? I'm not finished yet."



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