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Hell's Kitchen recap - 10/13/2010 - Part 1

This week's episode was the 100th episode of Hell's Kitchen. Therefore, one would expect nothing but the biggest showstopping episode ever.

At the beginning of the episode, the contestants are challenged to create one stunning, cohesive dish comprised of five random ingredients. In order to decide on the five ingredients, the contestants will be playing Hell's Kitchen Roulette. Whichever letter the ball stops on, the contestant must choose one ingredient beginning with that letter. The winner of the challenge was the Red team. Their reward was a flight to Las Vegas and a stay in a luxury suite over 14,000 square feet. As the losers, the Blue team was to clean, peel, and cut thousands of potatoes for the next night's dinner service.

Dinner service got off to a rocky start. It was family night, and kids and clowns abounded. The star table of the night was Chef Ramsay's own family. Needless to say, there was some drama with that one. In the end, dinner service was completed successfully, and per customer comment cards, the diners left with a 90% satisfaction rate. However, both teams were still ordered to choose two people for elimination. With four people standing in front of him, Chef Ramsay surprised all contestants by telling them that no one was going home that night. He was so happy with their performance that he let everyone stay. However, the remaining chefs were advised to get a good night's sleep because "Tomorrow is going to be a b*tch."


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