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Hell’s Kitchen premiere spoilers: Gordon Ramsay cooks up drama in returns to FOX

Chef Gordon Ramsey starts new season of "Hell's Kitchen"
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

Hell’s Kitchen fans need to return to the kitchen as Gordon Ramsay and his new competitors return on Thursday night to endure a demanding routine of perfection in the kitchen. According to TV Grapevine on Thursday, it’s going to sizzle in the culinary world as the competition for the best chef takes center stage on FOX.

Hell’s Kitchen spoilers for the premiere episode, includes Chef Ramsay revealing the new contestants a never-before-seen welcome. For the first time ever there will be a flash mob in Hell’s Kitchen. Then, after splitting the chefs into two teams Ramsay asks them to present their signature dishes in another battle of the sexes. The twist? The chefs will be cooking in front of a live audience and the pressure starts the minute the competition begins.

Host, Gordon Ramsay, who is the executive producer and award-winning chef welcomes 20 new competitors on the Season 12 premiere of Hell’s Kitchen airing Thursday, March 13. Aspiring restaurateurs will stomach an intense culinary experience, including a series of grueling team challenges and evening dinner services to prove they have the right combination of ingredients to win the upcoming season.

Hell’s Kitchen premiere starts on Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

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