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'Hell's Kitchen': Pizza becomes a chef's undoing

Chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Last night on “Hell’s Kitchen” the men won the reward challenge only because the women chose the wrong pizza to present to guest judge Wolfgang Puck and chef Ramsay. There is no real leader or contender in the Red Team so far this season, true, the women have won more challenges but not because they have worked as a team or with a leader, they have instead come out on top as individuals.

On the Blue Team, there is a lot of ambition and talk, however, little action. Anton is the only one who has consistently been on top of his game and produced well-cooked dishes as well as displayed leadership qualities. Last night for dinner service the chefs were to cook pizza for kids and from the get go pies were sent back for either being raw or burned, the waste was so large that eventually the men run out of dough and Scott and Chris were told to apologize to the table and offer a different dish which the kids accepted with disappointment nonetheless.

The animosity in the Red Team is latent, and Joy and Sandra go at each other every chance they get, but Sandra is between all the other chef’s eye sights and it is obvious that they are just waiting for her to fumble and thus get the chance to put her up for elimination.

The winning team by a slight margin was the Red Team and so the men had to decide on which 2 chefs to nominate for elimination, and they chose Chris and Scott, but chef Ramsay was not done and asked Ralph to defend himself for not being able to cook lamb. This last chef has been hiding and bad mouthing others, but his time and places to hide are running out. Chris despite a passionate and eloquent plea was sent home.

“Hell’s Kitchen” runs on Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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