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'Hell's Kitchen': Only two chefs remain

Chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen
Photo by Ethan Miller

Last night on "Hell's Kitchen" the four remaining chefs were woken early in the morning and brought outside to meet chef Ramsay who stood among security people, and the chefs were asked to stand at attention and be polite as a limousine pulled escorted by police and from it emerged Rochelle’s family, and they all received a visit from their loved ones, Scott could not hold back the tears at seeing his son, daughter, and wife. They all went inside and were served lunch, a special dish prepared by chef Ramsay and then the loved ones were asked to leave, it was time for business, and chef Ramsay surprised the chefs by asking them to prepare the same dish that they and their families had just eaten.

Melanie had not eaten at all, Scott might have taken only a bite or two, Rochelle was uncertain, and Jason as usual went ahead sure of himself auguring upcoming victory. And upon chef Ramsay tasting all the dishes he announced the winner and this was Jason, who received high quality cookware and a day of dining throughout Los Angeles, but he was surprise to meet his mom and girlfriend at the renowned “Ink” restaurant.

And they all had their turn at the pass along with quality control, Rochelle giggle and seem uncertain, Scott was professional, quick, and cut the mistake for the quality control, Melanie lacked assertiveness and did not get much attention from the others, Jason also was outstanding and shined. Dinner service was completed with hiccups and then it was time for chef Ramsay to decided on which two would go to the finale. And the chosen ones were Scott and Jason, who next week will battle it out for the grand prize and their picture on “Hell’s Kitchen” hall of fame.

It was a fascinating season and though the finale is what everyone wants to watch, at the same time is unfortunate to see this show ending and having to wait so many months for another set of chefs hoping to be best they can, and those who just do not have what it takes, nevertheless, believe themselves superior to others…Recaps and episodes can be watched online at

“Hell’s Kitchen” runs on Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.


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