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'Hell's Kitchen:' Lack of passion sends chef home

Chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

On Thursday night’s installment of “Hell’s Kitchen” the chefs were told that dinner service would be in celebration of a sorority function and they were to serve 160 dinners. But first each team would prepare a chicken, seafood and beef dish, and the team that got the most votes would receive reward. It was close but at the end Red Team won reward and they got to go to Las Vegas, the men once again faced punishment and this time they were to follow directions from sorority sisters who instructed them on how to decorate for dinner service.

Kashia who claimed being an expert at Southern Cuisine took it upon herself to direct everyone’s cooking, however, her own dish was defeated by the men’s. And during dinner service she fumbled continuously with the fried chicken. Jessica froze for a moment and chef Ramsay had to ask if she was alive. Bev as usual appeared lost in the kitchen and giving raw crab cakes for entrees.

On the men’s side Jason also fumbled with the fried chicken and had chef Ramsay yelling at him asking if he knew what he was doing. Somehow, both teams managed to fall in sync and both wound up finishing dinner service, but ultimately chef Ramsay said that by a slight margin the Blue Team was the best team, and therefore the Red Team would need to chose 2 chefs to go up for elimination.

And those chosen for elimination were Bev, an obvious choice and then surprisingly Jessica, who had only frozen, however, Kashia was the one to give raw chicken. Then it was time for them to give reason as to why they should remain in Hell’s Kitchen, Bev explained that she learned from her mistakes and that week after week she was improving, which made chef Ramsay raise his eyebrows in surprise, then it was Jessica’s turn, and crying with much passion asked to be allowed to continue, that she had nothing else to look forward to and that she would improve and not freeze again.

Chef Ramsay thought for a moment and after telling Jessica to get back in line, -to her relief-, asked Bev for her jacket and pointed out that the eliminated chef had not showed the passion required to be the winner of “Hell’s Kitchen”.

“Hell’s Kitchen” runs on Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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