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'Hell's Kitchen': Delusional chef finally is eliminated

Chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

The episode of "Hell’s Kitchen” on Thursday night began with the continuation of last week’s installment, where Jessica and Richard cooked head to head and depending on how they recreated staple dishes of “Hell’s Kitchen” one would be going home. Richard appeared calm and collective, somewhat certain of his position, but Jessica stood there with such a horrendous expression that it seemed as though she was about to have a heart attack, and once chef Ramsay announced that she was the weakest cook, she begged between sobs to be allowed to remain in the competition, to no avail and she had to hand over her jacket.

Then all the chefs were taken to chef Ramsay gastro pub in Los Angeles and told that they will serve similar food that night at dinner service. And then it was cooking time and for a brief moment chefs in the Blue Team were in sync and appetizers began to fly out of the kitchen, however, and not uncommon they faltered at entrees and it was all downhill from there, Anton did not communicate well and yet feels he is a natural born leader, last night he did not show leadership qualities, Gabriel seemed lost and out of sorts, Scott produced a salad that was all liquid and yet could not accept responsibility, and Ralph as usual talked a lot and in his delusional mind felt he did not do anything wrong, but in reality he continuously served raw fish and felt he was safe because of feeling under the weather.

The Red Team on the other hand fell in rhythm and they had dishes flying out of the kitchen left and right without any objections from chef Ramsay and in turn they finished feeding their tables and then moved on to finish work in the men’s side of the kitchen after chef Ramsay told all the men to get out and come up with two names that should go up for elimination.

As the chefs stood before chef Ramsay, this asked Gabriel for the name of the two chefs that should go up for elimination and he announced the first was Scott and second to the amazement of all lied and said Ralph, when in reality he, Gabriel, was the second chef chosen for elimination. Chef Ramsay asked all 3 to step down, Gabriel, Scott and Ralph and they all gave their reasons as to why they should remain in Hell’s Kitchen, but chef Ramsay decided it was time for Ralph to go because he does not have the experience, nor is ready to be head chef.

“Hell’s Kitchen” runs at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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