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‘Hell’s Kitchen’ contestants: Suicide, drugs, and death

It appears that reality TV takes its toll on the contestants. Suicide seems to happen more frequently with reality TV participants than it does in the general population. Season Two of Hell’s Kitchen saw the death of two contestants. Season Three lost a contestant to illness. The winner of Season 11 could not accept her prize because she failed a drug test.


Rachel Brown finished fifth on Season Two of Hell’s Kitchen. She shot herself in the family home in Dallas, Tex. on May 9, 2007. She was the first openly gay participant on the show.


Ja’Nel Witt, Season 11 winner, failed her drug test and therefore was unable to accept her position at Cesar’s Palace. The company has strict rules involving drug use. Witt tested positive for cocaine.


Keith Greene, another Season Two contestant on Hell’s Kitchen was found dead in the Hamptons. He drowned during a morning swim. Nothing indicates that this was a suicide. It seems that this was just an unfortunate event.

Aaron Song appeared as a contestant in Season Three. He had to leave the show after he passed out and was hospitalized. Song returned to Hell’s Kitchen as a guest chef in Season Four. He later died from complications from diabetes.

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