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'Hell's Kitchen': Conclusion to last week's debacle

Chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

On Thursday night the conclusion of last week’s apparently disastrous challenge played out, and the show left off with Joy presenting her dish that she hoped would not only give her the month of December on the first “Hell’s Kitchen” calendar, but also a black jacket and be safe that evening from elimination. The chefs were to receive a maximum of 20 points, but at the moment only Rochelle had somewhat impressed and had a total of 13, Joy explained her dish had ingredients she had never worked with and all judges were speechless at the claim, but after all the tasting was done she received a total of 19 and praise from all judges.

The dinner service then involved a table of 10 divided in five seats for the Blue Team and the other half for the Red Team that chef Ramsay wanted served at the exact time for both sides, and Oscar nominated actress Minnie Driver as ambassador to Oxfam, -international organization devoted to ending poverty throughout the world-, was among the party. The teams as always were eager to do well, but some chefs as is also common lost their way and the mistakes started to occur; however, Gabriel continuously made presented raw salmon and finally was told by chef Ramsay to leave the kitchen and out the front door, once there the maitre de Jean Phillip bid him farewell and asked for his jacket.

Then only six remained and they finished dinner service without any more issues, but they were informed that there was no winning team and they should come up with a name from each team to be put up for elimination. Scott as usual ran around being self-condescending talking about learning, but he has been up for elimination more often than any other chef ever on “Hell’s Kitchen”, but those he has gone up against have been a touch worse. And from the Blue Team it was Jason, surprising that it was not Melanie up for elimination since she served raw chicken.

Chef Ramsay after scolding Melanie for what could have been her undoing, summoned the two chefs up for elimination, Scott pleaded that he was eager to be there and he learned from his mistakes and day after day rose above even his own expectations, Jason was more businesslike but also explained that he was not the worse among the six remaining chefs and that his whole life evolves around cooking as beast as possible. And then with the 2 chefs still standing there awaiting their fate, chef Ramsay called the others one by one and handed them a black jacket, then he gave one to Scott and asked Jason for his blue jacket and apologized for having kept his black jacket for so long which sent a sigh on relief on the chef’s face and received a high five. They are now part of a elite group that have earned a black jacket and the expectations are high while the challenges become harder, is there a front runner? Joy does seem to inch out just a bit further than the rest.

“Hell’s Kitchen” runs on Thursday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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