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'Hell's Kitchen:' Chef is finally gone

Chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen gives black jackets
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

On Thursday night’s episode of “Hell’ Kitchen”, the chefs were taken to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and were met by the USC, -University of Southern California-, marching band, cheerleaders, and of course chef Ramsay. This went ahead to explain that they would have 30 minutes to prepare a tailgating sandwich, and the winner would receive reward and the losers will face punishment.

The cooking started and some criticize others, while most apparently struggled in one way or another, and then the sandwiches were served and after the votes were tallied, chef Ramsay announced a tie for first place between Jason and Scott; that meant that both enjoyed reward, while Melanie, Rochelle, Joy, and Kashia had to separate trash.

Chef Ramsay announced that he expected great things on that night’s dinner service since they all have earned black jackets and are part of an elite group, and will be working as one team instead of two. Scott had trouble at first and worst of all talked back to chef Ramsay but soon recovered, Kashia continuously served raw fish and Melanie asked if she could help, but Kashia just brushed her off and proceeded again to hand over uncooked salmon, and so chef Ramsay proceeded to taken them both in the back and ask what was the problem, at which point Kashia lied outright by claiming that Melanie did not wish to help her. And then preceded to cry, which has been a staple of her behavior whenever she commits errors, opts to seek pity by letting the tears flow…So far, Kashia apparently has survived in the competition because others have been a lot worse than her.

Then it was judgment time, and the chefs had to choose one that they felt should leave “Hell’s Kitchen” and that was Kashia, who voiced her desire to stay and that she will correct her mistakes, but chef Ramsay wanted to hear from Scott, and this apologized for talking back and just wanted clarification of what was wrong during dinner service, and that it would not happen again; it should also be mentioned that Scott has been up for elimination more times than any other chef in 11 seasons. Chef Ramsay thought for a moment and to the relief of many asked Kashia for her jacket and sent her home. Information on the show and recaps can be watched online at

“Hell’s Kitchen” runs on Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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