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'Hell's Kitchen': A mind-blowing episode

Chef Gordon Ramsay and chefs Nobu Matsuhisa and Guy Savoy
Chef Gordon Ramsay and chefs Nobu Matsuhisa and Guy Savoy
Photo by Ethan Miller

Last night on “Hell’s Kitchen” the five remaining chefs were met by chef Ramsay and informed that every great chef must turn out great dishes regardless of ingredients available. And the challenge was to make a fascinating entree with leftovers; the winner will be feature on “Better Homes and Garden".

First chef to present a dish was Scott and he received high marks from the food editor of “Better Homes and Garden” Laurie Beckle and chef Ramsay, up next Joy, who perhaps thought she could win the challenge by kissing up to the editor and stating that she reads the magazine herself, but no she received some criticism, then Jason’s dish did not make a favorable impression as far as presentation and taste did not help him much either. Then it was Rochelle who did not receive a good review, and then it was Melanie, who from the get go received praise for a beautiful presentation and was commended on taste, the winner of the challenge was chosen and ultimately Scott scored the win.

The reward was flying on a firefighter jet and Scott could take someone else and he chose Jason, so the ladies spent the afternoon cleaning and carving pumpkins, that is until Rochelle sliced her finger and had to seek medical attention, she made it back just in time for dinner service. Chef Ramsay expected a flawless performance and announced that a special guest would be dinning, and that was superhero creator Stan Lee. Melanie faltered for a while, but finally found her groove, then it was Joy on the fish who began to crumble and allowed her temper to get the best of her and rather than listen to chef Ramsay and keep her mouth shut, turned around and said “I am done” and walked out, something that was a surprise to everyone and she herself realized afterwards she had made a grave mistake that she would regret her entire life. Joy was a front-runner; winner of many challenges, received much praise, and while being so close to the end, allows a moment of despair cloud her judgment and commit such a horrendous mistake.

Chef Ramsay announced that the remaining four chefs are dead even and tonight no one else went home, but announced that next week the field will be cut in half, and afterwards expressed his astonishment at Joy’s reaction something he had never seen in “Hell’s Kitchen” before. Recaps and episodes can be watched online at

“Hell’s Kitchen” runs on Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.