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'Hell's Kitchen': A leader is rising

Chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Last night on “Hell’s Kitchen”, chef Ramsay asked the teams to come together and chose one chef among them whom they felt was a leader and could take them to a win that night during dinner service. Of course there were those who felt they should be the leaders, however, did not raise their hands and only spoke trash about those that did feel themselves worthy of the position.

Melanie from the Red Team pointed out that she has been consistent during services and that she would rally the team to a victory and without question could take charge, and eventually was elected as team captain. Anton from the Blue Team expressed his desire to lead them to a victory, but not before Gabriel arguing that he should be the leader and Richard unable to say anything, or be a consistent chef could only criticize Gabriel for his desire to lead. Jason was nominated but he just doesn’t have leadership qualities. Anton at the end got the position and dinner service began.

On the Red Team, Beth began to crack under pressure, she does appear lost in the kitchen and only crying and whining about how much she misses her family and how her life is not as stressful as the past weeks on the show. Sandra once again talks down to people and is delusional believing she is the best chef, and Joy talks bad about Sandra every chance she gets; which makes the whole thing quite humorous.

Dinner service had some hiccups, but the teams managed to finish and by a small margin the Blue Team pulled out a win finally. That meant that the Red Team would need to nominate 2 chefs for elimination and they chose Beth and Sandra, and both voiced their desire to remain because they learn from their mistakes and they want to prove to chef Ramsay that they can be leaders and ultimately the winners. Beth at the end was sent home and Sandra remained however aware that there is a general consensus in her team that she is just a troublemaker with no communication skills.

“Hell’s Kitchen” runs on Thursday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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