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Images were taken By willie Parks Photography for Twin Metal Publication
Images were taken By willie Parks Photography for Twin Metal Publication
© Willie Parks Photography

I recently had the privilege of working with the band beyond the morning as they took the stage. the crowd didn’t quite know what to think of them .but soon into their set the crowd was rocking out like they knew every song they played .I was in the photo pit taking pictures and could feel the energy of all the band members as well as the crowd .the one thing that stood out about this band as many others on the tour was they all hailed from the L.A. music scene the individual musicians came from their own home towns but flocked to L.A.,one thing I liked about all hail the yeti was that one of the guitarists had a mic stand decked out in authentic Indian tribal gear the lead singer had a weird animal stand ,the other guitar player had what looked like a alligator or gator skull attached to his stand ,all hail the yeti was a satanic style music band but the crowd was totally into during some of their songs you could hear the crowd singing back at them word for word .the band also hailed from the L.A. music scene so with that said the theme of this tour so far seems to be all about the metal this show was a sell out as was there last couple of show dates as I was wrapping up taking pictures of all hail the yeti I noticed medics running back stage .later to find out that beyond the mourning’s lead singer was very ill and needed medical help .later talked to medical staff and they said he would be ok just was dehydrated and need fluids .wow where do I begin now we have the twin female fronted band the butcher babies who are fresh of their ship rocked show and mayhem festival and also tours with rob zombie and marlyn Manson and many other greats riding high .with the release of the their new album this band is always a great live band to watch and hear sing live the energy they give the crowd and the crowd gives back is way beyond my skills to explain have to see them live. Taking their pictures in the pit was a mind blowing experience the energy from the band the crowd and the music they play wow takes you to a whole different level .this band I see in the future being a huge success if they stay grounded to what brought them to the big dance there honesty to their fans and there music .I also had the pleasure of doing a interview with the butcher babies before the kcmo show and was very humbled by their demeanor during the interview .I can say this this band has a huge future in the music industry and hope they keep doing what they are doing which is put out awesome killer music that makes their fans want to sing it all back at them while they play it live .women in the business are very over shadowed but these ladies skills and ability to sing metal music like they do makes them a force to be reckoned with now and in the future as for the rest of the band mates there energy levels feed of there twin vocalist like no other I have seen .now we are onto devour the day a band I have seen before and enjoyed seeing them play I’m not a real good music fan because I only know a few of their songs and was reminded a lot that a couple of the band members play in another band .but with that said they did rock the crowd and the response they got was what they where wanting to hear a lot of fans demanding to hear certain songs that they liked and some asking the lead singer to marry them .the bass player in this band was very animated and the singer was playing guitar on some of his singing duties and a couple he didn’t play guitar at all and still rocked the house .the drummer looked like he was really young someone in the crowd shouted is he 12 years old and I said I doubt it ? but all and all I felt like devour the day really should have went on before the butcher babies but I’m not management so with that said the over feel so far of the show was electric and fan based filled with a lot of high energy fans chomping at the bit for in this moment to take the stage .we had a half hour down time between devour the day and in this moment and the crowd was getting restless waiting for the band to come out on stage and when they did wow the whole building erupted into mayhem with energy, screaming ,joy and excitement to finally see the headliner take the stage and play .the band starts out with some awesome theatrics of two ladies dancing while the rest of the band files out to start playing and as always she doesn’t disappoint the theatre plays a lot in her stage show she gives her fans and her play list is a lot of her hits, she starts with two big hits of their album and the crowd is hungry for more .she has two air cannons she uses during her show to help with her stage show she puts on the rest of the band in make up or costume play their part as musicians and puppets on a stage of show and tell . in her stage shows the band is very awesome with how they present themselves as well as the other people who work around her closely with the release of the new video whore the crowd went absolutely crazy . as well as a lot of the other hits she played this is the second time in this moment has done the hell pop tour different bands but always a awesome show to come out and watch because she never disappoints .for me this show was one of a new comfort zone for me the band no restrictions on how many photos we could take of the bands which was awesome the only restriction was no flash .i have to say this to the bands and management thank you for allowing us this access made the pictures be so much better for all camera people .century media handled a couple of the bands on this tour and I am proud to say the bands did a killer job and put on a hell of a show for all of us fans with that said thank you . by Willie Parks