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‘Hell on Wheels’ fans ready for Cullen Bohannon to return to the railroad

Anson Mount plays Cullen Bohannon on Hell on Wheels
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Fans of AMC’s “Hell on Wheels” know that the man who once ran the construction of the railroad is about to return to his old job. Cullen Bohannon might have been cooped up in a Mormon camp for a spell, but he is back to work on the railroad and he knows that there might be a little adjusting to his life once again. According to TV Fanatic on Saturday, the lawless hero has a run in with the law and he has barely arrived in town.

As Bohannon was required to do manual labor at the camp, he hasn't lost his touch with his quick hands and gun-slinging ways. Proving that he isn't about to be run out of town because he looks Mormon, his first brush up with the law definitely has fans cheering him on as he returns to a life of normalcy (well, as best as the Wild West can expect.)

Anson Mount portrays Cullen Bohannon on “Hell on Wheels” and fans find themselves hoping this character always does the right thing. Lost somewhere between the sins of his past and the opportunity to do well in the future, the struggle on the most basic level offers Mount a chance to show a character from a time that really had no boundaries.

As with every western town the dirt is a big part of the story. The Hollywood Reporter has suggested that this show is possibly the filthiest western TV series ever made. Technically there is dirt everywhere and that includes on the costumes, the streets of mud and even inside the buildings. Since the series is currently set around Cheyenne, it makes sense as the frontier wasn't paved with cement until decades later.

“Hell on Wheels” returns to AMC on Saturday night to once again follow the story of the railroad. One of the best westerns on TV, this show offers a look at how people survived in the west. Hopefully Cullen Bohannon will be more welcome than when he was at the Mormon Camp. Then again this is set in the west so anything is possible.

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