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Hell Date: The Ratchet

The Creole was one of the first guys I met from an online dating site. His pictures were pretty cute and he was hilarious via text. However, we never really talked on the phone except a few quick conversations. So one night I was getting dressed to go out with another cutie from online when the Creole called me and told me he was in town and wanted to take me out. Now against my better judgment (Rules Girls NEVER ACCEPT A LAST MINUTE DATE) I obliged and cancelled my date with the other guy. The Creole arrived at my house fifteen minutes later in what I think in hindsight might have been a stolen car…

I got in his car (like an idiot because I was trying to save my own gas SMDH) and the first thing this fool says to me is, “Wow, I didn’t expect you to be this pretty”.

At first I was a bit insulted, but after I looked closer at him- he was NOT as cute as his photographs. But I was already dressed so I was down for a free meal. I asked “So where we going?”

I promise you with a straight face this man looked me dead in my eye and replied “Don’t worry, just chill. I’ma take you around my hood” and started to drive off in the direction of “The Jay’s” aka the Jungles. I quickly asked him to come again, and let him know that I was at least expecting a drink.

He goes, “Oh, you want something to drank? Alright, I’ma go to the liquor Sto’”.

Um… Okay…

He stops at the store and buys two “Ford Locos” (WTH I’m a Cosmopolitan girl). So we proceeded to drive around the city: West LA, Culver City, and then we landed in Santa Monica. Over our “cocktail” we discussed various topics, all of which, he seemed to have a ratchet point of view on. Then he informed me that the reason he no longer lived in L.A. was because he got arrested for some gangbanger activity and had to “shake”.

So as I grew uncomfortable and more worried about my safety, I slowly began to pull my body as far right to the passenger side door as possible when I asked him to take me home.

Needless to say, that non-date was horrific and it took me a while to get back out there after that one…
Dating in L.A. can be horrifying, especially when you add the whole online thing. So be careful, and don’t do what I did and get into a stranger’s car in hopes of saving gas. You’ll regret it.

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